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Personal Financial Planning and Investment for Expats Living in China
Elements of Finance

Brian Hutson is a Canadian Certified Financial Planner who has resided in China for 4.5 years. He has accumulated over 16 years experience in the business obtaining many industry designations along the way, including the prestigious CFP, TEP, CSC, CIFP, IMT and his insurance license. Furthermore, he has been an award winning speaker, teacher and trainer for over 20 years. During his schooling years he received a Bachelor’s degree from Queen’s University in Canada. He hosted the financial column “Your Money” for 11 years on CFMU radio in Hamilton, Canada.
Currently Brian is an Associate Partner and the Head of Marketing for Montpelier Group Private Clients China. As the Head of Marketing he hosts and presents a series of seminars throughout the year on a variety of financial topics. The goal of the programme is to educate clients so they can be empowered to make the most appropriate decision on their personal financial affairs. He is also the financial columnist for the Beijing edition of CityWeekend’s “Home and Office” magazine as well as being a member of several Speakers Bureaus here in China.
He is an active advocate of Holistic Financial Planning - a process whereby people look at their entire financial picture as an integrated whole rather than as isolated purchases of unrelated financial products. This ensures a minimization of tax and provides an ideal platform for intergenerational wealth transfer.
In his personal time he remains an avid long-distance runner, even after retiring as a competitive Ultra-marathoner back in Canada. He is also very, very slowly learning to read and write Hanzi (painfully slowly).

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