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Jim Gaylord Ph D
Elements of Finance

James E. Gaylord is an experienced professional whose life and professional experience stretches across the United States from Hawaii, California, Illinois, Tennessee, Washington, D.C. and New York to Great Britain, China and Australia. His more than thirty five years of professional experience includes working as an accountant, lawyer and business executive. During the last ten years he has worked for information technology leaders, large law firms and international firms. He has been a Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and a corporate Director giving him experience at all levels of business. He is an entrepreneur.

As Chief Executive Officer and Legal counsel to Pacific Rim Services Corporation, from 1989 through 1994, based in Hong Kong, he supervised the development of multi million dollar projects ranging from a tin ore refinery in Hunan Province to a large retail shopping center in Hong Kong.

As Chief Executive Officer for Affordable Legal Services, from 1994 to 1999, based in San Jose, California, he expanded the company from one office and three employees to sixteen offices and 350 employees.

As Vice President for Finance and Administration for Gobosh, Inc., from 1999 to 2002, a leading Value Added Reseller and Integrator based in San Jose, California, he assisted the company as it suffered through a business downturn caused by the “meltdown” of the dot com industry. He sold a portion of the company, oversaw reductions in force and negotiated debt settlements with creditors which allowed the company to remain in business as it sought capital.

During his careers his employers have included the United States Departments of Treasury and Defense and the United States House of Representatives, the world’s largest tax preparation service, H & R Block, Inc., the international secretariat of the Nobel Peace Prize winning non governmental organization, Amnesty International, several of the most prestigious law firms in the United States including the international law firms of Fulbright & Jaworski , Holland & Knight and Arnold & Porter. He has also worked for Aramco, Sun Microsystems and the newspaper publisher Scripps Howard.
He founded a successful law firm and worked as a lawyer for a number of years.
His employments have taken him all over the United States, to the United Kingdom, Europe, China, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Africa and Australia.

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