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舞蹈: 北京Hip Hop和爵士舞蹈课
Introduction to Self-Hypnosis @ ELC

What is the Introduction to Self-Hypnosis course all about?
We have all heard about hypnosis in one way or another: we’ve seen it in the media, readabout it in books and on the Internet, or we’ve heard about it through family and friends. Butdo we know what it really is and how it improves our lives?
For centuries, hypnosis has been subject to many misconceptions, especially when it isconstantly portrayed as mysterious, manipulative and dark. Contrary to popular belief,hypnosis is a natural phenomenon that happens to almost everyone. Every day we can gointo and out of the hypnotic state of mind several times without being consciously aware of it.
When intended as a tool for self-improvement, hypnosis has been proven to be very effectivein helping us change undesired habits or patterns, find resolutions to conflicts and maximizeour potential in different areas, through communicating and connecting with our subconsciousmind. Self-hypnosis is, then, the discipline that enables us to harness the benefits of hypnosisto empower ourselves in making positive, lasting changes to our lives.
The Self-Hypnosis Workshop @ ELC aims to equip participants with basic knowledge ofhypnosis, insights into the power of the mind, as well as practical and helpful self-hypnosistechniques that they can use to improve their overall well-being.
Who should attend this course?
This workshop is perfect for the participant who:
  • Desires positive change to his/her life
  • Wishes to achieve specific personal goals in life
  • Wants to be empowered to design his/her own life
  • Chooses to improve his/her overall health and well-being, or
  • Simply wishes to learn more about self-hypnosis and its many benefits
    What will I get out of this course?
    You will take home self-hypnosis knowledge and skills to last a lifetime, including:
  • Practical tools for setting effective personal goals
  • Step-by-step self-hypnosis techniques and exercises
  • Incorporating self-hypnosis into your daily routine
  • The ability to cope with life’s stress more easily
  • The ability to design a well-balanced life with the power of your mind
    1. Course Duration: Half day (4 hours)
    2. Learning Kit with Materials provided:
    • “Make your own” Hypnotic Pendulum
    • Self-hypnosis guide, scripts & workbook
    • Certificate of Achievement in Self-Hypnosis
      3. Workshop Content:
      3.1 Introduction to Hypnosis
      • What is hypnosis?
      • Demystifying hypnosis: true or false
      • Examples of hypnosis in every day life
      • Structure of our mind – the conscious, unconscious, and subconscious
      • How hypnosis works
      • Uses and benefits of hypnosis

3.2 The Power of Imagination
  • How the body reacts to the mind
  • Getting in touch with the five senses
  • Importance of imagination in self-hypnosis
    3.3 Learning to Relax with Self-Hypnosis
  • Proper breathing
  • Short self-relaxation
  • Progressive body relaxation
    3.4 Deepening Relaxation with Self-Hypnosis
  • Deepening methods
  • Establishing your own peaceful place
  • Anchoring your peaceful place
    3.5 Managing our Feelings
    • Identifying the feeling and what it means
    • Eliminating negative thoughts and emotions
    • Asking questions and designing responses
      3.6 Designing Direct Suggestions
  • Rules of suggestion management
  • SMART goals for self-hypnosis
  • Creating your own suggestions
    3.7 Self-Hypnosis Methods
    • General self-hypnosis flow
    • Step-by-step self-hypnosis techniques
      3.8 Feeling Good about Yourself
    • Ego-strengthening
    • Stress management
    • Emotional Freedom Technique
    • My Happy Place
      3.9 The Role of Hypnotherapy
    • Seeking the support of a hypnotherapist
    • Applications of hypnotherapy
      3.10 Presentation of Certificate
Course conducted and prepared by:
Erin Lee

课程名称: Self Hypnosis
学费: 680RMB

Saturday afternoon, 2pm - 6pm
日期: May 18
地点: SOHO - XianDaiCheng:
课程编号: SHY

Saturday afternoon, 2pm - 6pm
日期: May 18
地点: SOHO - XianDaiCheng:
课程编号: SHY


我们的课程是保持小规模,为学生的利益(一般为5至10人),所以请尽早报名以保留自己的位置。 你在课堂上无法得到保证的地方,直到款项已收到。当然,任何不符合足够的报名可能取消 提供全额退款后,您的原始收据简报。