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舞蹈: 北京Hip Hop和爵士舞蹈课
Practical Chinese for Living and Working in China (Intermediate)
(suitable for lower-intermediate to advanced-intermediate students)

This course is intended to continue in the same spirit as the beginner course, with practical conversation as our central focus, building on what has already been learned toward the goal of total fluency. We will start where the beginner course left off, reviewing important sentence structures involving subjunctives, conditionals, comparisons, etc., as well as time/calendar and space-oriented phrases (before and after, etc..."), percentages, directions and orientation, and phrases involving difference and degree, such as "It's not...., but....", and "The more..., the more...".

We will then progress toward more-complicated structures, including conditional and subjunctive phrases ("If only...", "Only when/if..., then...", "No matter what happens, ...", "It could, should, would have been....", etc.). We will employ role-play, games, activities, and interactive exercises involving everyday scenarios, such as chatting in a book store or at lunch, getting what you need in a hotel or restaurant, communicating with colleagues at work, buying/renting products, cars, property, contracting services (finding a handyman, getting a telephone line installed, getting your laptop repaired), and many others. We will also cover common words, phrases, and expressions included in everyday idioms, colloquialisms, and slang, such as "don't be too hard on yourself", "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush", and "the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence". These idioms provide a fascinating window into the Chinese culture and way of thinking. In this phase, students will become confident in expressing their opinions more clearly and accurately. While this course places a strong emphasis on conversation, we will also undertake an intensive introduction to reading and writing Chinese characters, starting with essentials like reading signs and directions, instructions and notices, correspondences, and other important everyday written materials.

At the end of the 8 weeks, students should have a solid command of at-least 1000 Chinese words and 150 sentence structures, the ability to comprehend everyday speech and to express themselves clearly, as well as the skills necessary for reading and writing on a basic level.

Total class time: 32 hours

课程名称: Chinese Language II
学费: RMB 3200
材料费: RMB 150



我们的课程是保持小规模,为学生的利益(一般为5至10人),所以请尽早报名以保留自己的位置。 你在课堂上无法得到保证的地方,直到款项已收到。当然,任何不符合足够的报名可能取消 提供全额退款后,您的原始收据简报。