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Introduction to Psychology
Intensive Introduction (suitable for beginner to intermediate students)
Taught by: Jon Echanove

Join us for a 10-week exploration into the depth and breadth of the human mind. This course will cover all of the basic concepts of psychology, as we examine the views and theories of the greatest minds the field has ever known. You will learn about dreams, the unconscious, mental illness, psychotherapy, how the mind is formed, and how our personalities develop. Our journey into this fascinating discipline will take us from psychology’s early beginnings, through its major developments and movements, right up to the latest thinking and practices that define the field today. We will cover the following areas:

Developmental Psychology
Perhaps the most exciting field in psychology today is developmental psychology. Discover how our minds are formed in infancy and early childhood. Students will learn about Freud’s ideas of psychosexual development, Erikson’s model of development, and Kohlberg’s stages of moral development.

Motivation and Emotion
Students will learn about emotions, emotional intelligence, and motivation. Discover the purpose of human emotions and explore in-depth the destructive emotions, such as depression, anger and fear, and the healing emotions of empathy, flow and joy.

Altered states of consciousness
This section introduces the field of altered states of consciousness. We will explore states such as mystical oneness, meditation, hypnosis, and dreams. Students will be introduced to dream interpretation and taught to analyse their own dreams.

How do people tend to think and behave, and what causes these tendencies? These are the questions addressed by the psychology of personality. This section will cover the ideas of some of the great personality theorists, such as Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Carl Rogers, and Abraham Maslow.

The Psychology of Health
How do the mind and body interact and affect each other? We will attempt to answer this fascinating question as we learn how different states of mind can impact negatively on our physical health, and how certain states of mind can lead to physical wellness.

This section will explain the various ways mental illness is classified as well as the effects of mental illness on the individual and society. Students will learn about a wide spectrum of mental illnesses, from schizophrenia through to depression.

Treatment of mental illnesses can take various forms, such as medication, talk-therapy, or a combination of both. Students will be introduced to the different types of psychotherapy, including treatment approaches and modalities.

Course Title: Psychology
Tuition Fee: RMB 3200

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